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Ogun State At A Glance.
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About Ogun State

Ogun State was carved out of the defunct Western State on February 3, 1976 by the then Federal Military Government of late General Murtala Ramat Muhammed. Ogun State presents as Nigeria's "Gateway State". There is no written literature on why the founding fathers chose the model of "Gateway State" for Ogun. But the physical geography was probably the most obvious justification. Flanking Lagos to the south, Ogun State provides the passage for all human and non-human traffic to and from Lagos, Nigerias premier entrypot and, until recently, the nations capital. Located on the routes (road, rail, air and water) linking Lagos to all other parts of the country (north and east), Ogun States remarkably strategic gateway position could not have escaped the attention of its founding fathers.


State Capital



Ogun State lies within the tropics and bounded in the West by the Benin Republic, in the South by Lagos State and the Atlantic Ocean, in the East by Ondo State and in the North by Oyo State.


16,409.26 sq kilometres

Local Government Areas

The are 20 Local Governments.The headquarters are:

  1. Akomoje-Abeokuta Abeokuta North Local Government
  2. Ake-Abeokuta Abeokuta South Local Government
  3. OtaAdo-Odo/Ota Local Government
  4. AyetoroYewa North Local Government
  5. IlaroYewa South Local Government
  6. ItoriEwekoro Local Government
  7. IfoIfo Local Government
  8. OgbereIjebu East Local Government
  9. Ijebu-igboIjebu North Local Government
  10. AtanIjebu North East Local Government
  11. Ijebu-odeIjebu Ode Local Government
  12. IkenneIkenne Local Government
  13. ImekoImeko-Afon Local Government
  14. IpokiaIpokia Local Government
  15. OwodeObafemi-Owode Local Government
  16. AbigiOgun Waterside Local Government
  17. OdedaOdeda Local Government
  18. OdogboluOdogbolu Local Government
  19. IsaraRemo North Local Government
  20. SagamuSagamu Local Government


2,759,109 (1997 FOS est.)


Ogun State is made up of six ethnic groups viz, the Egba, the Ijebu, the Remo, the Yewa, the Awori and the Egun. The major language in Ogun State is Yoruba


This follows tropical pattern, with the rainy season starting about march and ending in November, followed by dry season.

Natural Resources

Extensive fertile soil suitable for agriculture, savannah land in the North westhern part suitable for cattle-rearing vast forest reserves, river, a lagoon, rocks, mineral deposits and an ocean front.

Mineral Resources

Extensive limestone deposits, chalk, phospahate, high quality stone, gravels, gypsum and tar abound in the state.


By ethnic grouping:


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