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Ethnic Groups


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Ethnic Groupings In Ogun State

The gateway state, a homogenous state peopled predominantly by the Egbas, Yewas, Aworis, Eguns, Ijebus and Remo who belongs to the main yoruba ethnic group.Nigerians from other parts of the country as well as expatriates also live in the state.Please click to know more about Egba Ethnic Group, Yewa Ethnic Group, Awori Ethnic Group, Egun Ethnic Group, Ijebu Ethnic Group, Remo Ethnic Group 

Some of the leading traditional festivals that can be found in the state are Olumo, Ogun, Ijamido, Igunnuko, Osun, Orisa-oko, Obalufon, Egungun, Obinrin ojowu, Gelede, Oro, Agemo, New yam and Sango. 

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